Flex Smart Technology

World first: Flex Smart technology for cleaning screens

We have already examined a seemingly infinite number of sieve variants and designed and rejected them in elaborate processes. Due to the many impulses and the close cooperation with various manufacturers of medical technology instruments and employees of the CSSD in the clinics, we were able to develop the new Munditia Case Flex Smart technology with a lot of initiative and teamwork.


That was the Arab Health 2021! - WiMedical Impressions

As a manufacturer of innovative cleaning sieves WiMedical was present at the joint booth of Baden-Württemberg at the Arab Health in Dubai UAE from June 21 - 24, 2021. With many new products, such as the newly developed robotic sieve, flexible spill bars or the unique Smart-Lock technology, we were able to present many innovations. Especially interesting for the manufacturers as well as distributors were our Hybridtrays with the attractive silicone corners.

The Hybridtrays have several advantages for the users

  • We let your instruments appear in a beautiful robe
  • Very good handling due to non-slip corners
  • Color coding according to your company CI gives an additional recognition feature (corners are available in all RAL colors)
  • The silicone corners protect sensitive instruments from getting broken
  • Unique Smart-Lock technology gives you flexibility in loading your tray while keeping instruments protected and tidy on the other side.

WiMedical wishes a Happy New Year!

Dear customers, partners and those interested in medical technology,

an exciting 2020 is coming to an end. For many, certainly with a
uncertainty about what will come in the new year. It was an exciting and
innovative year for us too, with many innovations in the field of wire
screen baskets. We have successfully completed and initiated a number
of innovations and projects, particularly in the development of
manufacturer trays for medical technology manufacturers. In addition,
our processing sieves are also available in the standard sieve sizes 1/1,
½, ¾ and in DIN size
. They are primarily used in hospitals as storage
and sterilization containers for fine medical technology instruments, e.g.
from the fields of Neurosurgery, ENT, Eye, Plastic or Hand surgery.


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