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Healthcare facilities

From the idea - to perfection. innovative efficient sustainable

Our customers are our most valuable asset. Therefore we maintain a close and cooperative partnership with our customers. We focus on the end users in the sterilization departments of hospitals, medical practices, MVZs and sterilization plants. Only through regular surveys and customer feedback have we been able to develop our sustainable systems and win innovation awards for them.

Wishes of the end users

  • Higher sterility due to low rinsing shadows.
  • Better protection of the instruments through fixation.
  • Reduction of plastic waste through plastic holder and mat.

The solution

The Munditia System Case, developed on the basis of user feedback, is a unique system to date. It consists of lid and base. There are flexible spring holders in the lid and shaft holders in the base. The spring adapts flexibly to the medical instrument and at the same time holds it in place, thus protecting it from damage. The springs are designed to reduce the contact points between the instrument and the tray to approx. 1 mm. This allows cleaning even in places where cleaning is not possible with larger contact points. The large check pattern makes a very high rinsing flow possible.

3-point support
Spring and shaft mounts
Large surface check pattern

Your added value

Improves the quality

The preparation, as the rinsing shadows are reduced to a minimum (approx. 1 mm per contact point).

Saves costs

By protecting your sensitive and expensive medical instruments with secure fixation. You also save running costs for the purchase of additional plastic holders in the tray.

Environmental protection

While you store your instruments on plastic materials (mats, clamps, containers), the Munditia System Case completely dispenses with plastic and at the same time improves the fixation of the instruments in the container.

Process Improvement

During the cleaning process by easy and flexible loading and fixing of your medical devices.

Services for health facilities

Munditia System Case catalogue products

You will receive a wide selection of sterilization trays and accessories for all challenges in the reprocessing of your medical instruments. Our catalogue offer for you consists of five product categories:

  • Munditia System Case Flex Smart
  • Munditia System Case Flex Hybrid
  • Munditia System Case Standard
  • Munditia System Case Special
  • Munditia System Case Zubehör
WiMedical Munditia System Katalogprodukt

Hygiene products

Use our hygiene products such as 3-layer surgical masks, mouth and nose masks or disinfection stands to protect yourself and your employees from Covid19.

WiMedical Hygieneprodukte

Our competencies

WiMedical stands forinnovative and excellent products.

Innovations are and will remain the key to success. That is what we believe in. We have already received several awards for this. Our awards and nominations include:

  • 2019German Medical Award – Category Company – Innovative Product – Nomination
  • 20191. st place founder price Schwäbisch Media
  • 20181. 1st place start-up bw Elevator-Pitch Weingarten

WiMedical stands for„Made in Germany“.

This means that you receive sustainable and high-quality solutions from us. All products are developed and produced in Germany. Due to our company headquarter in Singen we are very close to the world centre of medical technology in Tuttlingen and can rely on a functioning network of partners and suppliers.

WiMedical stands forquality.

We manufacture according to ISO 13485, the standard especially for the medical technology industry. Our quality management system (QMS) meets the requirements of the 93/42/EEC directive. WiMedical focuses on the safety of its products and the fulfilment of legal requirements.

WiMedical stands forfor satisfied customers and partners.

“WiMedical is well known to us as a start-up company as well as a manufacturer of innovative products since its foundation. Their delivery reliability and flexibility distinguish them with their quality and make them a very good business partner for us in every respect. You also always comply with the strict QM requirements and always react conscientiously and quickly to fast requirements”
D.W – Purchasers – Medical technology manufacturer orthopedics

WiMedical stands forvalues.


By this we mean being open to new things. We develop innovative and creative solutions together with our customers. We are prepared to take calculable risks. The reason for this is to improve ourselves and to satisfy our customers quickly and precisely.


All our solutions are developed very efficiently for our customers. This means that the effort for handling our solutions is as low as possible. The benefit is high.


By sustainability we understand to develop systems for our customers which contain as low follow-up costs as possible.

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If you have any questions about our offers, would like a consultation or would like to find out more about our services, please send us your inquiry via our contact form or give us a call.

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