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From the idea - to perfection. innovative • efficient • sustainable

Our customers are our most valuable asset. Therefore we maintain a close and cooperative partnership with our customers. We focus on the end users in the sterilization departments of hospitals, medical practices, MVZs and sterilization plants. Only through regular surveys and customer feedback have we been able to develop our sustainable systems and win innovation awards for them.

Wishes of the end users

  • Higher sterility due to low rinsing shadows.
  • Better protection of the instruments through fixation.
  • Reduction of plastic waste through plastic holder and mat.

The solution

The Munditia System Case, developed on the basis of user feedback, is a unique system to date. It consists of lid and base. There are flexible spring holders in the lid and shaft holders in the base. The spring adapts flexibly to the medical instrument and at the same time holds it in place, thus protecting it from damage. The springs are designed to reduce the contact points between the instrument and the tray to approx. 1 mm. This allows cleaning even in places where cleaning is not possible with larger contact points. The large check pattern makes a very high rinsing flow possible.

3-point support
Spring and shaft mounts
Large surface check pattern

Your added value

Improves the quality

The preparation, as the rinsing shadows are reduced to a minimum (approx. 1 mm per contact point).

Saves costs

By protecting your sensitive and expensive medical instruments with secure fixation. You also save running costs for the purchase of additional plastic holders in the tray.

Environmental protection

If you store your instruments on plastic materials (mats, clamps, containers) The Munditia System Case completely dispenses with plastic and at the same time improves the fixation of the instruments in the container.

Process Improvement

During the cleaning process by easy and flexible loading and fixing of your medical devices.

Our services in the overview

The Munditia System Case series is developed and manufactured Made in Germany for you. Our service portfolio is rounded off by development services and prototyping, sheet metal and tube processing, development and production of workpiece carriers and magazines and OEM development and production for medical instruments.

Munditia System Case catalogue products

You will receive a wide selection of sterilization trays and accessories for all challenges in the reprocessing of your medical instruments. Our catalogue offer for you consists of five product categories:

  • Munditia System Case Flex Smart
  • Munditia System Case Flex Hybrid
  • Munditia System Case Standard
  • Munditia System Case Special
  • Munditia System Case Zubehör
WiMedical Munditia System Katalogprodukt

Munditia System Case custom made

With our Munditia system cases we configure the right system tray for your instrument set. The custom-made products are designed according to the customer’s wishes and adapted to the respective medical products. In this case, a label can also be generated for the loading in the set to provide a visual loading aid. We accompany you during the entire process:

  • Project planning and consulting
  • Development
  • Set composition according to your specifications
  • Set labeling
  • Series production

Workpiece carriers and magazines

With our carrier systems, you receive solutions that help you to realize even more efficient and safe processes. We guarantee a secure hold and a minimum contact surface between holder and product. Easy removal for robot production centres ensures a precise delivery date and process reliability. All hole patterns, partial holders and fixings are adapted to your products and precisely adapted.

We use different stainless steels, aluminium and plastic inserts with different surfaces for our carrier systems and magazines. Our quality guarantees a high degree of accuracy and durability. Transport your parts inside and outside your company with our workpiece carriers and magazines.

WiMedical Werkstuecktraeger und Magazine

Development and prototyping

With us you get a partner who has a modern 3D design program, which makes us the ideal partner for our customers for production and development. New products or product optimizations are daily business for us and our systems. The first prototypes can be realized at low cost with a 3D printer if desired. Together with you, we design the step towards “Industry 4.0”! With our 3D CAD program all assemblies are individually displayed. On the basis of the 3D data created, extensive calculations such as surface determinations, breaking tests, strength calculations and a photorealistic representation can be generated.

Sheet metal and pipe processing

Sheet metal processing using the latest manufacturing technologies ensures products of the highest quality and process reliability. Our range of services in the field of sheet metal processing includes the development, design and manufacture of technical sheet metal parts and complex sheet metal assemblies made of thin sheet metal in samples, small and large series.

Fast order processing and tailor-made manufacturing concepts make us a recognised contract manufacturer/OEM in the sheet metal working industry for sheet metal components with the highest level of quality. Constant quality controls ensure products of first-class quality.

WiMedical Blech- und Rohrbearbeitung

OEM supplier for medical instruments

As an innovative company, we develop and manufacture high-precision components for you from various materials, especially stainless steel or titanium. Our previous projects include screwdriver blades, surgical instruments in the orthopaedic and spine sector as well as various sheet metal components for medical technology. Thanks to our extensive network, we can handle projects quickly, efficiently and with high quality.

As your partner, we accompany you from development, prototyping and production, labeling, packaging and logistics.

Hygiene products

Use our hygiene products such as 3-layer surgical masks, mouth and nose masks or disinfection stands to protect yourself and your employees from Covid19.

WiMedical Hygieneprodukte