Munditia System Case Hybrid – special configuration

Dear customers, partners and people interested in medical technology,

in 2021 you can also expect innovation in the segment of reprocessing sieves, steritrays, stericase, special sieve baskets and storage and sterilization containers. With our Munditia System Case Hybrid, you will receive an innovative and visually outstanding sieve design. Medical device manufacturers as well as hospitals benefit from our patented systems, which offer you a particularly high rinsing performance due to large-area check patterns and short process times due to drainage slots. The edges and easy storage options due to our Smart-Lock technology offers you additional flexibility in positioning your instruments. Our Munditia Case System Hybrid can be individually configured and adapted to your instrument set for you as a medical device manufacturer as well as for you as a hospital and user.

Munditia System Case Hybrid

In the set configuration, the base and lid are made of high-quality stainless steel. Here, the individual customer requirements, such as in an orthopedic or spine set, are implemented as a set configuration so that all instruments are well surrounded and safely stored. The stainless steel and silicone holders are individually adapted to the respective instruments. Our colored silicone corners can be designed in the same shade as the instrument handles. In addition, the corners serve for stacking and as an anti-slip system. Benefit from a color scheme for the reprocessing trays that matches your CI or the color coding in the hospital.

Tray labeling

The tray labeling is done according to set configuration and customer specifications. Individual areas can be labeled with article numbers, logos or even silhouettes of the instruments. The set configuration is carried out in close consultation with the customer and his main areas of application. With the Munditia System Case Hybrid we help you to position yourself even better on the market or to optimize the cleaning processes in sterilization in hospitals.

Special sieves

In addition, our reprocessing sieves are also available in the sieve basket standard sizes 1/1, ½, ¾ and in DIN size. We also offer the standard wire sieve baskets in the standard sieve sizes 1/1, ½, ¾ and in DIN size. They are mainly used as cleaning and storage containers for fine medical technology instruments, e.g. from the fields of neurosurgery, ENT surgery, ophthalmology, plastic surgery or hand surgery in hospitals.

Thank you for your time and for giving us the opportunity to further improve the technology of sterilization trays. Learn more about the reprocessing possibilities with reprocessing trays Made in Germany by WiMedical and get in contact with us or follow us on our social media channels. We look forward to hearing from you!

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